A Deteriorating Career of Abhishek Bachchan

My Advice

Here let me start this article by making it clear that I don’t consider myself any expert in this area. And whatever this article contains are my own thoughts, this article does not intent to hurt feelings of anyone.

Abhishek Bachchan, whenever we hear the name, our subconscious reminds us of the great veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan. Was Amitabh Bachchan so great in acting from the beginning? No, he was not as you can see his mediocre performance in movie ANAND (1971) but as he worked more and more, he became a LEGEND.

The first movie of Abhishek Bachchan was Refugee (2000), 19 years ago and I would say his performance was not bad. He did fit in the role. Now let me ask the question: How many portrayals of Abhishek Bachchan are memorable? I would say only two – one is Guru (2007) and other is Yuva (2004). In Guru he did proved that he can act and he is not just a product of Nepotism like Tusshar Kapoor.

In Guru, we do might get confused sometimes that if we are hearing his father or him. There is nothing wrong in that. Of course he can copy his father’s style. I mean he is copying his father not someone else’s. Acting is a form of copying indeed, so when you are portraying a person on screen you are just copying their style and that is called acting. The only thing a person must remember while struggling to make a place is: Copy, steal, do whatever you have to do to succeed and copy from the great ones. If you see history the great ones have also stole from the greater ones, so it is perfectly normal to do it. Once you are at top, no one bothers if you copied or not, stole or not.

In Yuva, he did a marvelous performance just by being himself. So the talent is there, no doubt in that. What is needed is some hard work and self introspection.

Being son of a Bollywood legend should not be taken as negative but positive. The opportunities he received and he can still get, is just one perk of being a star kid. There are people who say that being a star kid is tough, people have a lot of expectations from you and so on. That talk is nothing but bullshit, advantages are the only thing a star kid gets. Everything is taken care for him, unlike a struggling actor who might be penniless at a time and might be sleeping on footpath, might have not have food. So when you have everything taken care of already, you have all the time in the world to focus on your career and acting UNLESS you are not really interested in it, don’t want to work hard or don’t really get bothered even after having so many opportunities still unable to make a mark in your field.

So the burning question is here, what went wrong with his Career?

The selection of films would be the first

.There are too many films he did where his character was just meh, and the story was  meh too. If you just leave few movies all others, I don’t know for which audience those were made.

The Movies that really could/have done some contribution to his career, the ones which were worth doing are below:

  1. Refugee (2000)
  2. Yuva (2004)
  3. Bunty aur Babli (2005)
  4. Sarkaar (2005)
  5. Bluffmaster (2005)
  6. Guru (2007)
  7. Raavan (2010) – In Raavan he could have delivered a spectacular performance. His character was strong but he failed. He failed because he tried to be someone else, he tried to be that mad character. Did he tried method acting to get in the role? I suppose not. If there is a role which is out from your regular experience, you need to get that experience if you want yourself to model in it. If you are going to be a psychopath you need to learn it from psychopaths. It was a wasted opportunity which could have really become a career booster for him. The second option he had, was to not try becoming another character and play it as himself. Every person has some craziness in him, every person has some psyche imbalance, all he needed to do was take it out. Instead of trying to be a crazy Raavan, he should have tried to be a crazy Abhishek Bachchan with his own original craziness rising from within.

My Advice

He should choose movies with characters that can become memorable even if it is just a ten minute role as long as the character plays a vital role in the movie and people can talk about it after. That is the role one must choose if he has to prove himself. Comedy movies would not contribute anything to his career instead of maybe just getting him richer. He is not Rajpal Yadav, Paresh Rawal or Akshay Kumar, so what I think here that he should focus on negative roles, character roles and side roles for few years. He must have realized it by now that audience is not going to theaters watch him alone in main lead though it can be possible in future but not for now.

He should go for method acting to fit in a role and after the experience he should consult his closed ones if there is perfection or not and keep trying till he reach there. He should copy his father as much as he could, when he could not go for method acting for whatever reason: too small role or budget or less time, he should be himself and whatever is the demand of character should come from within not by trying to become someone else. Look at Irfan Khan, do you see Irfan Khan trying to become someone else in each movie? No we don’t, every role he does whatever changes he makes come from within, the originality of Irfan Khan is always there.

However same can’t be said for Aamir Khan. He is a method actor. He becomes what the character needs him to become, there is less of Aamir in each role and more of the needed character.

An actor can either be himself like Irfan Khan, KK Menon & Naseeruddin Shah or he can be the character like Aamir Khan, Ranveer Singh and Paresh Rawal.

There are only few actors who can do both and one name among them is of Amitabh Bachchan.

So, Abhishek Bachchan should try and find his ground, which type of actor he is, and act accordingly. Still he has more chance of being successful in negative roles than in other type of roles.

Focus on good scripts

If you measure the success of an actor by how many high earning movies he did in his career, script plays a vital part. If the script of movie is good, chances are higher for it to be a hit and perform well on box office. This is a time of intelligent audience, take a look at the career of Ayushmann Khurrana till now, the selection of movies have played a vital role in his rising career. It is not his acting but the selection of movies. He is a fine actor, by fine actor I mean one who can just get the job done, not in a great way neither in a bad way, just Okay. Unless he does a challenging role in future and nail it I would just consider him a mediocre actor.

So, Abhishek Bachchan should choose scripts wisely, definitely not a comedy .

Example of roles that would suit him

  1. A hurt father taking revenge, Yes.
  2. An alcoholic police officer, investigating a murder mystery, Definitely.
  3. A drug addict jealous son, planning to murder his father, Perfect.
  4. A psychotic serial killer, Just WOW.

Go dark, go negative, be drunk, be abusive, be drug addict, be a murderer, be great but in all, be yourself, let the murderer rise from within, let the drug addict go mad, feel, experience, and act …..

I do wish him a great future and a great career. All the talk above is only and only result of my thought process, people might agree or disagree.

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