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Just watched the two trailers of Joker and I could not stop myself from writing this article. Let’s see where this ends.

So let me share with you: The theme of movie is dark, it seems so dark that you might get lost in it and isn’t that what we want?

So what we see in these trailers? We see Joaquin Phoenix portraying Joker or here I would not hesitate to say that we see here Joker becoming Joaquin Phoenix.

Let me put some details into what I just said – Which was the last portrayal of Joker we remember? It was Heath Ledger and when he portrayed Joker, did we see Heath Ledger? No we didn’t, we didn’t know where was Heath. Did we? We saw only Joker, Heath was lost, Heath dissipated and became Joker. He just transformed himself into Joker, there is no Heath in Joker there is only Joker, and WOW, what a great performance it was, there is no doubt that Portrayal of Joker by Heath Ledger is best to date.

And now here we have again another Joker but do we see only Joker here like Heath? No, now we see Joaquin Phoenix. Here Joker became Joaquin Phoenix and that would be the biggest difference, I would say in the portrayal of Joker by both. Now, let me talk about how is the performance? It is awesome and mind-blowing, there is no doubt that it is not only awesome but have a very different approach.

The best thing director did was casting Joaquin Phoenix as Joker and I would say there was no other to be considered better than him, just look at his career.
How many psychotic roles he has done in past and so perfectly, I will say he was the only option.

After making the Blunder of Suicide Squad where they picked Jared Lato. Jared Lato is a great actor, there is no doubt about that  but he went in wrong direction from start, first was to modernize the Joker, and then the teeth, and then the suits and oh my gosh that laugh, he tried so hard to be joker Only if he had tried not to become Joker but made Joker a Jared Lato, I am damn sure even if it would have not been great, then at least watchable .

Everything with Jared Lato was wrong and wrong and so goddamn wrong that I can’t even wrap my head around it, how directors dint saw it, how cameramen not saw it while shooting the movie.

But let’s just leave that there, let me tell you and I say that from the core of my beating heart that Joaquin Phoenix was born to play the Joker, does not matter how story goes, how other cast does but he is going to be phenomenal and memorable, and I do predict here that he is going to win Oscar for his role. This all I here say only by watching the two trailers released.

Now for people who keep comparing Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal with Heath Ledger and keep saying, “Nahhhhh, Heath Ledger was best and no one can be better than him”. I would like to say to them, “You biased people, have you never tasted two delicacies that you love them as much as the other. Don’t you love your siblings if there are more than one. So take your biased ass and don’t even put it in theaters because you don’t respect the acting but the actor.”

Now the final words

Joaquin Phoenix would be great as Joker and he might or might not surpass Heath Ledger by his portrayal , still he would be remembered as a Joker. The craziness the Joker needed Phoenix always had it in him.

What a wonderful line was that —

“Can you introduce me as Joker?”


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  1. Great👍 exactly what I was thinking while watching the trailers. Joaquin Phoenix have everything to blow this role out of the water😃

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